Can your business ignore the ‘baler for sale’ sign any longer?

You see the targeted ads, you hear the industry talk and you see the baler salespeople in your inbox or LinkedIn feed. Can you go on ignoring them?

In this blog we are going to discuss some of the reasons that it’s time to let go of the stubbornness and embrace the possibilities and potential of a baler.

Reduced Waste Costs

Here’s the facts. Waste management companies thrive on businesses who do not properly evaluate their own waste stream. They operate a system that charges per bin, per collection, regardless of whether the bins are full or not, and the contents or weight are not assessed. If you could take two half empty bins and put all of the waste into one bin, you’d halve your costs, quite simply.

By separating recyclables from your waste stream and baling them, you free up more bin space and require fewer bins. One less bin uplift per week could save you over £500 per year! There’s also another financial perk…

Able To Sell Recycled Material

The recyclables that you pull out of the waste stream and put through the baler are actually really valuable, and are sold every second into one of the world’s biggest trading markets. The recycling market is volatile, but you will always be able to sell your material to a trusted recycler, such as Kompakt. This income, along with the waste management savings, make purchasing baling equipment a lucrative prospect, and remember, the more recyclables you have, the more money you can make!

Progressive Investment

As well as being great for your recycling policy and finances, purchasing a piece of baling equipment is ideal for impressing your customers and shareholders. Improving your environmental policy, increasing recycling rates and investing in a piece of a equipment that will keep your premises tidier and your operations more effective is going to win you a lot of respect. You can shout about your progressive investment through social media, email newsletters or on your personal blog, and let everyone know that you are a thoughtful and insightful business.

baler selection

Ignorance is bliss, right?

Wrong. We aren’t trying to trick or deceive you, and we certainly wouldn’t try and sell machines to businesses that don’t need them, what would be the purpose in that? We work in such a way that not only do you get a great machine, you can also work with us to sell your materials into a sustainable recycling market, with licensed handlers.

The alternative, to go on not baling your waste, means overpaying waste management fees, losing out on the money that selling recyclables can make you, having low recycling rates and an environmental policy that lacks a concerted effort.

Not ready to buy?

You’re not alone. Many businesses take a lot of convincing that a baler is right for them, and aren’t ready to put down the capital outlay that a baler requires. That’s not a problem, we cater to all. We offer brilliant terms for renting and leasing balers and in some circumstances we can even offer a free trial!

What are you waiting for?

Putting off the decision is literally costing you money. Each week that goes by, you will pay out fees and pay to get rid of recyclables you could be selling!

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