Suppliers of high quality baling wire in cut and loop form, rewound coils and black annealed or galvanized formers to suit the client’s needs.


Formers are supplied black annealed or silver galvanised and used on fully automated baling presses. Bespoke sizing can be applied if required. Formers have a tensile strength to suit exact specification.

Cut and looped

Manual tying wire product finished with a looped end. Cut and looped baling wire is available in any required diameter or length and can be supplied with either a black annealed or silver galvanized finish. Individually coiled and wrapped bundles can be supplied from 10kg upwards to make handling more efficient.

Rewound coils 

Precision rewound coils, designed and supplied to suit automatic baling machinery. Rewound coils can be produced from 2mm – 4mm diameter and supplied in 20/25 kilograms and 40/45 kilograms coil sizes, depending on customer specifications. They are finished, shrink wrapped and packed on a pallet for easy handling and storage.

Cut Bars

Cut bars will be manufactured to the customer’s needs and specifications. Our cut bars have exceptional strength and pliability.

Catchweight Coils

Our catchweight coils are most commonly used by Steel Stockholders and are supplied in 20 kilogram coils upwards, in diameters from 1 – 5 mm. If required, we also supply 1.2mm tagging wire in mild steel or stainless steel.