Helping YOUR business achieve ZERO waste to landfill

The problem

Many businesses already aim to recycle as much waste packaging and other materials as possible. Some even use a baler to extract value from waste and turn it into a profit. The problem lies in the residual waste which is left over. This waste is generally mixed, contaminated and is impossible to recycle with current technologies. More often that not, it is taken to landfill or put through some element of sorting beforehand.

The Solution

Compacting residual waste using one of our Rota-Pac machines is the answer to this problem. Mixed waste can be loaded into the front of the machine and the material is then compacted into pallet sized bags. The bags are extremely strong and are designed to hold up to 600kg of waste products. We can then arrange the collection of these bags through our network of waste collectors who offer a ZERO waste to landfill disposal route. This service covers most of the UK and the benefits to every business include:

Lower Costs – compacting waste using one of our waste to energy compactors is often cheaper than using bins or a skip

Carbon Footprint Reduction – reduce the number of collections required

Achieve ZERO waste to landfill – delivering environmental savings

Waste to energy compactor

Waste to energy compactor

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