Reducing costs and increasing recycling rates

Mill Size Baler Cast Study

Mill Size Baler Installed at DSG Skip Hire

  • DSG are a small skip company based in Gloucestershire
  • Landfilling plastic waste was expensive
  • Collaborating with a plastic recycling company assisted

Before a working relationship with KOMPAKT began, DSG used to have a lower specification baling machine and produced LDPE and mixed rigid plastic bales. When China introduced their ‘Green Fence’ policy, which relates to the quality of material they can import, DSG were left scratching their head about what to do with the plastic waste.

Dave Skinner, the owner of DSG, found Plastic Expert (our partner plastic recycling company) in 2014 and sought our help to make positive changes to their waste practices. We conducted a full waste audit and cost benefit analysis. The result found that the most efficient route to take was the installation of a new mill sized baler to deal with the materials entering the business through their 150-200 weekly skips.

As part of the agreement with DSG, KOMPAKT promised to offer full training and education on maximising the potential monetary value from their waste through a baling machine. Dave Skinner estimates that they produce roughly one bale weighing 400-500kg each day. Baling this material saves over £400 per week in landfill tax, transport and landfill costs. This figure hasn’t even accounted for rebates available for the various sorts of plastic and cardboard.

Storage is an issue for DSG as it’s not desirable to have bales sat around taking up space; because of this, Plastic Expert are able to take a split load. We’ve also helped improve the quality of the mixed rigid bales. Because of this improvement, the bales will remain valuable even when the market drops, protecting DSG from a repeat of the situation which occurred when China began their Green Fence policy.

DSG are proud to say that thanks to their new baling machine they are now recycling more, which is not only great for the environment, but also attracting business and impressing recurring customers. In the skip hire industry, many customers look to the recycling rates for an indication of responsible disposal behaviour.

How can we help your business?

If you organisation is paying to dispose of plastic waste and other packaging materials. Usually a spend of over £200 per month means a waste audit is an ideal way to discover cost savings. Baling and/or compacting waste will automatically reduce bin lift costs and potentially increase recycling rates.