Kompakt - Small Balers {PE 60}

Have a small volume of waste plastic and cardboard packaging? You need the PE 60 range of small balers that are perfect when you’re starting out with waste management. Built in the UK with high quality parts, this baler is built to last and is perfect for small restaurants, bars, hotels, retailers as well as warehouses and manufacturers.

Saves Money

Save money by producing perfectly compact bales of 50 kgs – 175 kgs of recyclables helping you cut down on transportation with ease.

You also save on power costs since this easy-to-install baler can be plugged straight into a 240v standard mains supply.

Not only that you have the option of renting, leasing or purchasing these machines, making them the most cost-effective waste management solution for your small business.

Saves Time

Keep you work site tidy, hygienic and safe with cardboard balers, like the PE 60 that take next to no room at all on your facility.

Increase workforce efficiency since your team no longer has to struggle with bulky packaging, wasting time and reducing their productivity.

Saves the Planet

Recycling and managing waste responsibly is a solid step in the right direction.

Plus, you reduce carbon emissions by cutting down on collection frequencies, again an eco-friendly contribution to the planet.

Powerful Features:

 Excellent value for money and inexpensive

☑ Easy to install

☑ Can plug straight into a 240v standard mains supply

☑ Reduces the size of packaging waste which is better for storage and possible onward sale