Kompakt Plastic/Cardboard Balers- KM 305 Baler

The medium sized KM 305 range of cardboard balers are designed to help shops, hotels and other businesses with medium-to-large volumes of cardboard and plastic waste save time, money and energy.

Save Money

The KM 305 cardboard baler can help your business cut costs by reducing the number of bin collections.

With low running costs and single phase power setup, the KM 305 is good for your business’s bottom line.

With options to either rent or buy balers for sale, you can make a decision that is best for your business’s budget.

Save Time

Improve productivity and increase efficiency of your team with the KM 305 that comes with an automated bale out feature, a long, vertical and deep pressing chamber and a wide door opening. All of which work seamlessly to ensure that you get dense bales automatically and quickly.

Save the Planet

The KM 305 cardboard balers use single power phase and have low running costs.

Plus your business will cut down on collection frequencies, reducing carbon emissions as well.

Powerful Features:

☑ Ergonomic, easy, clean and safe

☑ Large door, long vertical chamber

☑ Low noise production and energy consumption

☑ New EN16500 safety features

☑ Faster pressing cycle & bale-out indicator

☑ Improved fail-safes and locking mechanisms