Kompakt – Polystrene Compactors – KM-EPS 2

If you’ve been looking at polystyrene compactors that pack the most powerful punch, you’re in the right place. The KM- EPS 2 is quite the monster when it comes to compacting expanded polystyrene and converting it into cash for you.

That’s right. The EPS 2 compacts up to 70 kgs of EPS 6 polystrene per hour. Pretty impressive, huh?!

Save Money

Kompakt’s state-of-the-art EPS compactors are perfect for turning expanded EPS6 polystrene, which is the most common form of polystyrene, in to a solid briquette which can be sold and recycled into plastic products, like toys and DVD cases.

Not just that, you can save on upfront costs of investing in the machine by either renting/hiring or leasing it.

Save Time

Powerful and fast, the EPS 2 can compact expanded polystyrene into briquettes at the rate of 70 kgs per hour.

Ease-of-use makes this exceptional machine a popular choice with most businesses, like yours.

Save the Planet

Recycle polystyrene with ease and responsibility, creating a sustainable life cycle for a much-used product.

Powerful Features:

☑ Volume Reduction of 40:1

☑ Blocks of up to 300 kg per m3

☑ Compacts up to 70 kg. per hour

☑ Improved logistics and space savings

☑ Generate revenue while reducing costs