Kompakt- Polystrene Compactors- KM-EPS 1

This powerful, exceptionally efficient range of polystyrene compactors can easily convert expanded EPS6 polystrene into profit for your business. It can compact up to 15kgs of EPS6 polystrene in an hour. Think about that!

Save Money

Easy-to-operate, the EPS1 breaks the expanded polystyrene down and compacts it into a brick or briquette that you can then sell, or recycle into plastic components, such as DVD cases or toys!

Revenue generating at it’s recycling best!

Save Time

Highly efficient, the EPS 1 polystrene compactors can produce blocks of up to 300 kg per m3 with a volume reduction of 40:1.

Save the Planet

Responsible recycling that generates revenue as well is not only great for profits but also, the planet.