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Posted April 13, 2015 Cardboard Recycling: Why do we do it?

Cardboard Recycling Cardboard is a great material, it’s sturdy and yet lightweight, cheap to make and easy to produce. We use cardboard for nearly an endless list of products today, from playing cards to cigarette boxes and jigsaws, to the tube in the middle of our toilet paper. As a material, cardboard first saw widespread…

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Posted April 13, 2015 Food Recycling: Why do we do it?

Food is a vital part of our everyday lives, and unlike most other products, without it, we wouldn’t survive. It being a necessity, however, means that the bits that get wasted, like those egg shells and banana skins, add up quickly into one big problem, a 1.3 billion tonne problem each and every year. So…

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Posted April 13, 2015 Wood Recycling: Why do we do it?

Wood has been used by people for thousands of years for nearly everything, from fuel for fires to furniture, houses, toys, and so much more. Due to this, it means that every year there are huge amounts of wooden products being wasted instead of recycled. The main issue here is that the very product of…

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