Buying a Compactor? Hire One Instead!

When recycling visionaries first started designing machines that would allow people to turn their waste into a useful resource, they might never have imagined just how large the industry would grow.

Now, it is imperative for businesses with a large waste output to find ways to make their waste more manageable. As large business set the pace and show small to medium enterprises how to go about waste management, the smaller businesses have become more and more interested in investing in machinery.

The truth is though, many small businesses, especially those in their infancy, do not have the surplus funds to buy a machine outright. This is completely understandable, as many businesses have to pour all of their time and effort into the successful running of the business’ operations, and so proper care for waste and recycling are not deemed important. At some stage though, as businesses get to a certain size, and are producing enough waste, they realise that recycling is important, and can be used as a valuable marketing tool. Many businesses are yet to realise this, and those businesses are really missing a trick.

We have written at length about all of the perks that buying a compactor or baler can bring, but we haven’t spent enough time informing our readers about the idea of hiring a compactor. For many businesses who live month to month, or wish to trial a machine short term to see if it is for them, hiring or renting a machine is a fantastic idea.

Here are three reasons why:

A compactor is agreat introduction into the recycling and waste management game

When trialling a new idea, jumping into the deep end is not always the greatest idea. By renting or hiring a compactor, you can ease yourself into the ideas that accompany them, and see if it is a great idea for your business. Many businesses, especially those who are small and are seeing consistent growth, will start by renting a small machine, and then moving on to larger machines as the amount of waste being handled increases. This allows them to change machines quickly, rather than having to sell one to buy another.


No large capital outlay

This is the most common reason we see for people hiring compactors rather than buying them, they are not ready to invest so much capital. Renting can be a really cost effective way of getting your hands on a piece of equipment, as can leasing, where you will end up owning the machine at the end of the contract. Spreading the cost out over a longer period of time may end up costing more in the long run, but it does save you having to take out loans in the short run.


Reduced waste costs

We have been singing this song for years now, and more and more people are starting to listen. Here’s the fact: waste management companies charge you per bin, per uplift, to take your rubbish away, and yet, there is an abundance of businesses who only half fill their bins! Compactors generally reduce the size of waste to about one quarter, meaning you could effectively slash your bin uplift costs by 75%. For many companies, this is more than enough to cover the cost of the machine’s rental price. For companies who handle recyclable goods, we can even design you a recycling strategy that will allow you combine the good work of your compacting activities with the benefits of selling material. You can read more about that here.



Talk to one of our helpful account managers today, who will send you brochures for our machines and be able to talk to you about pricing, rental durations and much, much more!

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