Recycling Tips – How to turn your waste into money

Today’s businesses are always looking for ways to save money and be more environmentally friendly. The great thing about recycling your company’s waste means you can have a positive impact on the environment AND deliver cost savings at the same time. Here are our tips:

Tip Number One:

STOP throwing away your packaging & plastic waste into the skip or wheelie bin. Every time this material goes in the bin, your company pays for it! Landfill now costs over £120 per tonne and is set to increase year on year. The waste materials may get sorted at the recycling centre but you’ll never receive the landfill saving. ANALYSE the amount of  waste you’re disposing of and INDENTIFY the type of waste. One of the most common types of plastic we deal with is LDPE; this has a fantastic rebate value in the right volumes. An excellent starting position is to have a FREE waste audit and cost benefit analysis for baling. There are many flexible short and long term options for hiring equipment which is SIMPLE and EASY to use.

Tip Number Two:

SEGREGATE your types of waste materials for maximum value. For example soft, thin type wrapping and rigid plastic should be baled and stored separately. We can provide FREE advice on separating the right materials.

Tip Number Three:

SAVING IS GAINING! Negotiate with your current commercial waste contractor. Call them to confirm how much you’re currently paying, ask them for a discount to stay with them. If you’re pulling out recyclable waste for baling or compaction, the chances are your company will require fewer collections.

Tip Number Four:

COMPACTION – every time a bin is collected: it costs. By compacting your waste it reduces the volume and consequently the space it consumes. Reducing the number of collections not only saves money, it reduces your company’s carbon footprint too!